Thursday, August 27, 2009

Singapore - Harry's chill out

Its the mid-week work blues! How do you deal with it? Head on down to Clarke Quay after your offical work hour for a drink, where they have a few pubs with happy hour to satisfy your blues.

The skyline along Singapore River. Breezy and perfect for a hot, humid day.

Picked Harry's because there is a citibank 20% off food and also it was Harry's Crazy Hour.
Had an Erdinger White, half pint in an easy to hold glass. There was too much head/foam though. Skill is needed for getting beer out of the keg.
The interior of the place. There's a second level to it, but since downstairs was relatively quiet, there was no need to go up. (plus climbing such stairs wearing 3 inch heels is quite a pain)
The bar area, where they describe on the chalk board the live performances they have throughout the week/month.
Ordered potato wedges to go along with the Erdinger. Deep fried on the spot so it comes out fresh and piping hot!
My favourite sauce is the Thai Chili sauce. Goes well with wedges. The sour cream was abit too thick for my liking so left it aside.
These to banish the mid week blues and make you feel (slightly) better for the rest of the day. Nice ambience too!
Rating: 3.5/5
Location is at 28, Boat Quay, Singapore 049818


  1. Looks good! Dubliner near somerset is pretty good too..esp the band that performs on fri nights (not sure if they perform on other nights as well)

  2. (perth) i wanna go back to singaporeeeeeeee :(

  3. (singapore) oh really? alrightey i'll go check it out, or u can bring me there! haha.