Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Perth - Enex 100 Food Court

Enex 100 is Perth city's newest addition. It is a small upscaled mall with mostly designers brands and a BIG Woolies. Above the shops, there is a spacious and funky food court that has a lot of nice stalls. My tummy was growling from all the window shopping so I went there for have a quick lunch.

The food court is very big and new! It looks very inviting and I love sitting beside the glass window to watch the bustling crowd in the city go by. They have a wide variety of food here, from Matsuri, Thai, Vietnamese, Shanghai, Italian, Cakes and Sumo Salad etc.

My order: Seafood Tomyum Noodles - $11.50
I was craving for some Thai food so I ordered a bowl of Tomyum noodles from HiThai. There are not a lot of Thai stalls in foodcourt and authentic Thai food is so expensive in Perth. The Tomyum I had was very nice and the soup was tasty and full of spices. I love the generous toppings of pranws/fishcake/fishballs and beansprouts. I will definitely back to this stall as the food is cheap and authentic
Rating: 3.75/5

Katsu Chicken and Seafood Bento Set - $12.50

Matsuti is our favourite dining place as we used to go there a lot when we were dating. We were surprised they actually have a store in the foodcourt, it is so different from the usual restaurant setting. My partner ordered the chicken katsu and seafood bento set. The combination was nice, and everything looks good and tastes better bento style! There was rice, pickles and a bit of salad at the side. Perfect for a quick lunch before we head to more shops!

Rating: 3.5/5
Location: Enex 100 links to Hay Street Mall and St Georges Terrace

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