Monday, November 9, 2009

Pow Sing Restaurant

Situated in the heart of Serangoon Gardens, is a favourite chicken rice haunt of many people which has been around for many years. I remember going to this place for dinner when I was a kid and it's still around with not much changes to the decor nor the head chef, other then the fact that it has now expanded to occupy the next door area as well to cater to the growing crowd.

This place serves both chicken rice (steamed white chicken only) and peranakan and local dishes. It has a very home cooked feel to the food, plus the quality of the food fits the prices you pay for it. Enough with the yabbering and let's move on to the food itself!

This is the interior of the restaurant. Very simple, nothing fancy. The chili is slightly spicey and the grounded ginger added to it gives it the extra flavor which goes well with the rice.

The order of the steamed chicken is a must for anyone who goes here. It is soft, tender and smooth, and is dressed in slightly salty brown sauce. Even the cucumbers tastes good with it! (Wow, my entire mouth just filled with saliva). The sweet & sour baby sotong is a crowd favourite as well. Add a dash of lime to it, and it tastes good on it's own! What's good chicken rice without the complimentary soup that comes with it, which is actually boiled with chicken essence. I can finish an entire big bowl by myself.

The fried toufu! Another crowd favourite. Crispy on the outside, but soft and silky on the inside. Melt in the mouth worthy. It is served with it's own black sauce but you can choose to eat it with or without the sauce. Ordered Sambal Kangkong as well. Good for the diet and the taste buds.

Last but not least, the order of a Peranakan dish, deep friend Nonya Ngoh Hiang or Five Spiced Meat Roll! This is round and fat blocks, stuffed full with ingredients. Crunchy bits embedded within it as well. Another crowd pleaser for the taste buds.
The spread of food is quite tantalising isn't it?

This meal was really worth every single cent paid for it and I will definitely return to this place, especially since I can just walk out and takeaway due to proximity. I'd recommend this place for good chicken rice (although it is slightly pricey compared to the normal hawker ones) but you get quality and a nice ambience plus good service.

Rating: 4.25/5
Location is at 65 Serangoon Garden Way

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