Thursday, December 17, 2009

Japan - Day 1 in Kobe

Greetings from Japan!
I finally have the time to have a rest, have NO plans for the first time, no alarm set on the phone and no need to rush for the early train. Now i know why the Japanese are so fit, they are so active (walk or cycle everywhere) and we have to walk so much. I am having so much fun in japan!
When we first arrived my auntie made us Kobe beef (told her in Australia that I want to eat this). This beef has been waiting for us in the fridge for 2 days, thanks to some airlines we arrived in Japan 2 days late.
Look at the marbling of the beef. It REALLY melts in your mouth. All other beef in the world should be ashamed. I really dont think Kobe people will find any other beef more delicious than this. Even as a steak lover, my partner said this is the best beef he has ever tried.

Definitely going to eat more kobe beef before i return.

Went to Kansai Supermarket to get some fruits and snacks before we head off to Tokyo.
I tried these strawberries in Singapore before, they were so sweet and had a slightly creamy taste. Fruits in Japan are really fresh and they taste good. Most things in Japan are made of really good quality even their fruits!

The apple and pear are so huge! You cant really tell from here because I have really big hands.

Their bento section

On our way to Tokyo on NOZOMI Shinkansen. Not sure if this is Mount Fuji but it looks nice.
Had my mentaiko rice on the train.

Really comfortable seats. They even serve food and coffee on the train. 2.5 hours ride went past really quickly. Taking the train was a much more pleasant experience than our flight.

We checked into the hotel in Tokyo and went to walk around Shinjuku
More on Tokyo later!

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