Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Japan - Tokyo Day 2

Let the pictures do the talking....

Sensoji Temple (Asakusa station)

Nakamise Shopping Street on the way to the temple (one of the major highlights of my Tokyo trip)

Piping hot red bean cake. It took less than 1 minute for the stall owner to take it out of the oven and place it on my hand. So fresh!

dog in pearl necklace - nice !

Pretty boxes of cakes and cookes to buy.

Had lunch at this Udon shop along the street. Had their lunch special (look out for Japan's lunch specials as they are good value for money). So delicious! I ordered the unagi set which consists of plain udon, with unagi over rice, and egg custard. Everything was yummy, my partner enjoyed his tempura set as well.

Approaching Sensoji Temple at snail pace as there were so many things to see

Went to the Dougugai street which was walking distance away from sensoji temple. This is the place where they sell all food-related products like plastic models of food/utensils/bentos etc

Bought really cheap bentos!


that was the MOST DELICIOUS takoyaki we had during our japan trip. Please go there and try this! Even better than Osaka. This takoyaki was not the chewy kind, it was super soft and the filling was so hot (as it was freshly made) i burnt my tongue. We had a few takoyaki in japan but this was the best one we've tried.

After a long day out we went back to shinjuku where our hotel was.

The Shinjuku Southern Lights were so pretty. The entire stretch of road was filled with these bright lights.

Took a really short rest then went to explore shinjuku. It was impossible to stay in the room when u know the city is bustling outside even though it was past midnight

Even though we don't know japanese, we just walked into a izakaya (jap pub where they sell yummy side dishes) to experience the japanese culture.The yakitori WAS AMAZINGGGGGG. I've always liked yakitori but i've never tasted such delicious one before. The chicken was really tender, and the asparagus roll, potato wrapped with pork, beef, eggs, grilled chicken skin (freaking crispy) were all so yummy. And we get to see our order sizzling right before us. The food tasted so good with sake, should have ordered beer too!

We walked around the street and went to some arcade. These prizemachines were so addictive I couldnt stop!! All the games were also very advanced unlike the ones i've seen. We had a blast!

My 'prize' of the night. I don't know what it is actually. haha

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