Sunday, January 24, 2010

Japan - Tokyo Day 3

Harajuku . Ginza . Shibuya

View from the Tokyo Government Metropolitan Building.

Had tempura don for lunch at Shinjuku Station (it has a shopping mall inside). Dont underestimate the size of Shinjuku station as it took us about 20 minute to walk from one exit to the other. The restaurant served really nice tempura! The batter was just right and it was very crispy. The price was very reasonable too, probably around Aud $10 for a set.


I couldn't wait to try the harajuku crepe that everyone has been talking about! There were two really famous one located directly opposite each other, but i chose angel's heart because it looks cuter. haha

oooo bought the crepe with the half-baked cheesecake inside. The taste was DIVINE, the crepe was warm, thin, chewy and soft. The ingredients inside went so well together. It was the best crepe ever! I am very determined to find a crepe that can rival this one, and i will let you guys know about the progress...


We were supposed to meet my friend for dinner at Shibuya but we were early, so we stopped by Ginza to have a look at the most upscale area in Tokyo. Too bad our legs gave way and we could not walk any longer (walking around japan at our pace is suicidal) so we stopped at some random cafe for a cup of honey milk tea while watching all the fashionable japanese walk by. Most Japanese are soooo well dressed it is always fun to people watch and get some real life fashion tips.


That's the famous Shibuya crossing which I get to cross twice yay!

Poor Hachinko Dog statue swarmed by smokers, and used as an arm rest. Anyway, I met my lovely friend from high school and we went to a Japanese Steamboat place after being convinced by the staff who was trying to get customers off the street. THANK GOD my friend spoke japanese so I don't have to do handsignalling or use my very limited japanese and look like a fool. :) Thank you wp san! As a joke, i said "who will add collagen jelly to the stock? That's so gross!" So we ended up ordering collagen jelly for our stock (sort of like a dare). Apparently Japanese are very health conscious and collagen jelly is really good for your complexion etc. I couldnt even taste the jelly and i dont think my complexion improved after the meal. But this may be the secret ingredient to Japanese's good complexion. The soup was soooo nice i think it was a soy-based soup, very thick and creamy. We also had two rounds of their marinated chicken wings which were so addictive.

Walked around Shibuya after dinner and ended off our night here.

written by mff perth

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