Saturday, March 6, 2010

Perth - Chocolateria San Churros

Last night I was in Subiaco for dinner, so I decided to go to the San Churro there for dessert to satisfy my sweet tooth. I have been to the Fremantle branch several times but this was my first time in Subi's one.

The cafe was big with a few tables outside which are perfect for a cool evening. There are some interesting chocolate related verses on the ceiling,  it's like we've entered into the chocolate heaven

Single serve Churros with Caramel sauce - $7.90
The churros here are always freshly fried (i have never had one that is not). Tastes like really wonderful crispy deep fried dough sticks with warm sweet caramel sauce. It was such a sinful dish but I will not regret eating this as it was really good! I usually go with the milk chocolate sauce.

Avellana- $5.90
San Churro's hot chocolate is a whole cup of melted chocolate. They are very rich in flavour and thick but velvety smooth. It is like heaven in a cup for chocoholics. However, it was a bit too thick for me so I needed help in finishing one cup - chocolate overload!

I would definitely recommend this cafe for desserts and chocolate lovers! They serve coffess and cakes too. Be sure to try their churros as that is their specialty. They also sell truffles and other chocolate related products.

Rating: 4/5

written by mff perth

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