Saturday, May 29, 2010

Krispy Kreme!

just a quick post before my face mask dries out! my friend returned from the eastern states and bought me some krispy kreme! how sweet of him... knowing im on a diet...but i really like krispy kreme and almost everyone who goes to the eastern state will buy a box of these. 

since perth has dreamy donuts, i think that they are quite similar. well i'm not very fussy, but some people do get very worked up when you say other donuts are nicer... hmm just like telling someone with an iphone that blackberry is better, you will end up in a fist fight! ok its getting late and im typing nonsense

sugar overdose = happiness 

everytime i go to my friend's house, i am always curious about his stash of johnny walker's blue label, and i always ask him, where are they? have you drank it? have you given it away? how can you possibly finish this?!?!? should we open one bottle and drink it?

maybe we need to have a party for a few weeks consecutively to finish this up

ok my face has totally absorbed the face mask. time to remove it and back to studying!

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