Friday, May 14, 2010

Perth - Sayers

The last time i went to Leederville was years ago, and this was only my second time! Time to step out of my area and experience something new. Heard so much from another foodie about this area as she lives around here, and she knows where the amazing food are located! With a list of recommendations from her, I went to the one on the top of my list.

The cafe was bustling with breakfast/coffee lovers on a Sunday morning. Beside the cafe, there was a small alley which leads to an alfresco garden, lined with wooden chairs and tables. Customers can sit there too and you get to enjoy the fresh air.

We moved to the back area of the restaurant which looks like an outdoor backyard. Cosy yet spacious. The atmosphere of the cafe was very relaxed 

Full breakfast of poached, scrambled or fried eggs, potato cake, 3 beans, grilled tomato, field mushroom, italian sausage and bacon - $22
Generous serving, mind blowing variety of yummiest breakfast food

Claypot of sayers coriander and cumin beans, babganoush, poached eggs and toasted rosemary oiled turkish bread - $15.50
This was what i ordered. the bread was warm, fluffy and fresh! The rosemary added an interesting flavour to the bread, i dipped that with the eye-appealing claypot of goodies, what a filling and delicious breakfast!

Potato Rosti, poached eggs, bacon, onion, jam, lemon scented wilted spinach - $19.50
Another amazing dish, the spinach was fresh and flavoursome. It went so well with the rosti.
Everyone was really happy with the food there and we will definitely go back again.

Cafe Latte (Five Senses coffee)
This was truly the BEST coffee i've ever tasted to date. When i was raving about it to my friend, she told me it is because they use Five Senses Coffee to create their own blend: A mix of Brazilian Ipanema and Balenese Begus Sekali. (more info on their website) It was aromatic and velvety smooth, one cup is simply not enough. Coffee lovers must try it! A fellow coffee lover told me another place in Perth that serves Five Senses coffee is velvet cafe. One of the cafes i've planned to visit next.

I spotted a few sayers' dog bowls around the cafe but there are no dogs! One day, i will bring my dogs to a cafe, im sure they will be a hit :)
but i know they will jump on everyone and beg for food, that's the only thing that stops me from bringing them. they are major attention seekers. but i really want to bring them to a cafe, it will be funny to watch how they react, maybe this weekend!
the bowl says : Sayers love dogs , so sweettt

Leederville has so many interesting cafes and restaurants around, reminds me of Melbourne. I can't wait to go back there again

Rating: 4.5 / 5
Breakfast: Mon - Sat 7am-1130am, Lunch 1130am - 2pm

Sun - 7am - 2pm. Counter Lunch 1130-3pm.
92270429 for booking except on weekends.
Location: 224 Carr Place, Leederville.

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