Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Simple Pizza with Lebanese Bread

Want to try something different and make pizza using lebanese bread instead of the usual pizza base. It turned out surprisingly good and easy to make!

I spread a layer of tomato paste/pasta sauce on the bread, added sliced ham, mushroom and mozarella cheese on top and baked it at 150degrees for about 15minutes (till the cheese is golden brown)
Need to add barbeque sauce as well, that is the best sauce to add to your pizza to have this sweet/tangy taste. I was trying to copy my favourite double bacon cheeseburger pizza by dominos

Serve it with salad for a simple and quick dinner!


  1. Always wanted to try using lebanese bread as a pizza base. Did it get crispy on the edges?

  2. yea it is crispy, another way is to toast the bread in the oven before you add the ingredients, like spread some olive oil on the bread, and put it in a preheated over (150 degrees) for abou 5-10 minutes) to make it crispy!