Saturday, February 26, 2011

One Day in Swan Valley

my friend came to perth for a visit so I took her for a half day road trip to swan valley

First stop : Margaret River Chocolate Factory
neatly arranged truffles calling out my name...

big pots of 3 types of choc, white milk and dark for visitors to taste for free!

have to order their hot chocolate, or for coffee addicts like us, order the mocha as their own margaret river choc chip is added to the mocha, we get to choose either milk, white or dark chocolate

Then we head to my favourite German restaurant in perth
Second Stop : Elmar's in the Valley

had the gigantic pork knuckles with super crispy skin! The sauerkraut is the best in this restaurant, not overly sour and doesnt give your tongue the fuzzy feeling. love it

we ordered the brautwurst platter with 3 different types of sausages, the portion was huge! they sell the best sausage, and i bought some of their sausages for bbq

Third Stop : Maggies Place / Edgecomb Bros Winery

nothing much happened here, we were distracted and made a stop because of the beautiful grapes. Bought a big bag of fruits and veggies from Maggies Place, because it was so cheap and they are very very fresh. I think Maggie grew it? Shes such a friendly lovely lady, do give that place a visit! 
nice juicy grapes, perfect photo spot

Fourth Stop : Alpaca Stud

Who won't want to have a look at alpacas? They are so cute! The border collie in the stud is cuter and was showing us around. Owners were friendly too and they have an alpaca garment store which was exotic but a bit on the pricey end... i mean alpaca coat is not easy to get... lol

Fifth Stop : Cape Lavender

By the fifth stop, we were so tired and hot from the weather and decided to stop at the cosy cape lavender cafe for some icecream, scones and drink.
Well someone was so hot he/she does not want to share his/her icecream so he/she ordered one for himself/herself. (shall not be named)

Turns out.... the icecream was the strangest icecream i've tried in my entire life.
for people who love essential oil/soap this might be the ice cream for u. The essential oil smell was so overwhelming i felt like i was eating soap. 

BUT their scones were always perfect, love their moist and tasty scones! a bit disappointed about the icecream though, and the person who doesnt want to share was utterly disappointed 
the cafe is still wonderful, with great service and a friendly dog to watch the shop!

Beside Cape Lavender there is place called MAGO Coffee which sells cheap freshly ground coffee 
there are so many variety as well

Sixth Stop : Sandalford Winery

This is our last stop of the day

I love Sandalford's wines so went to their beautiful winery to have a taste of what they have to offer. I really liked the Dessert Wine ($25), so sweet and perfect for a drink by the pool
Their Late Harvest (approx $14) is also sweet and is also under the dessert wine category

Other than sweet dessert wine, i really dunno much about wine...... 

What a funfilled trip! I love swan valley because it is so near the city (approx 20 min away) and has so much to offer!

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  1. Mmmmmmm yum - eating & drinking one's way through the Swan Valley :)

  2. thanks for the comment jess! yea swan valley is awesome, cant wait to go back during the easter break :)