Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bintang Cafe at Victoria Park

Met my good friend for a quick dinner after work at Victoria Park. With too many choices out there but limited fund, we opt to dine at Bintang Cafe, the indonesian restaurant that offer really reasonably priced food. so it wont break the bank.

Each table was given this to write down our order, then we get to write down the total as well. omg they should provide a calculator, i forgot to count by hand. :)
interesting concept…or just too laid back? I dunno. 

My friend's Nasi Campur (mixture of side dishes). Comes with chilli tofu, beef rendang curry, satay chicken and fried noodles

this is my nasi goreng special - fried rice with chicken satay, egg omelette on the top

Very simple and quick dinner. Reasonably priced too, i will say the food is average standard but this cafe is quite popular with indonesians. Give it a try if you are around the area!

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