Monday, August 31, 2009

Perth - My Delicious Baking Shop

This was the baking shop i was talking about here. I went to this baking shop at 1pm on a Saturday afternoon only to realise that it closes at 12.30pm!

I went back another day and was pleasantly surprised!

I can't believe I live so near this shop and I have never been here or heard of it before. I managed to find this shop on google.

Look at the variety of cupcake/cake decorations they sell! The prices are very reasonable, like a small heart is only $0.20 and a dinosaur is about $0.35?
The lady behind the counter was really friendly and she patiently waited for me to select what I want (i want everything!) They also sell bigger edible decorations, suitable for bigger cakes.
Besides cake toppings, they also sell equipments, cake dusting powder, and they even have cake tins for rent! That is really handy as you can rent different designs and bake a different cake each time. You can save money on buying the tins. (will rent next time when i upgrade from being a cupcake maker to a real cake maker)

These are the cupcake toppings i bought, with prices ranging from $0.20 to $0.40 each. I think the whole bag costs me less than $5? That is really cheap compared to the wilton ones you see in the bake shop! I heard they give baking classes in TAFE too, if i save up enough i might go...

I also bought a big bag of white chocolate buttons for $6, 2 decorating edible 'metal balls' (they have a special name that starts with a 'c', dont remember), a box of edible icing flowers for $3.50 (cheap! wilton sells a set of 10 for $20)

I think they open till 5pm on weekdays and 12.30pm on Saturday.

Go visit their website for more information!

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