Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Perth - Outback Jacks

Fremantle - Outback Jacks Bar & Grill

I always go to Fremantle as they have a lot to offer. You can go there for breakfast, lunch or dinner then go to the breweries for wine or beer after that, or go have coffee and desserts. I love fremantle, good food and cheap parking!

I am quite picky when it comes to choosing steak as I dont like it too dry, or too bloody. Meat must be tasty and easy to chew, and the sauce must be thick. Chips must not be too big, but crispy thick chips. LOL

One of the better steak houses i've tried is Outback Jacks, another one is Hippo Creek (maybe next time). I have stopped going to the over-commercialised Hogs Breath, because it's really not as great as ppl think it is.

Monday - Ribs and Pasta all you can eat
This ribs and pasta all you can eat was really good, i ended up just eating a plate of their really nice creamy pasta and a serve of ribs, and couldnt go for a second serving as i was really full by then! It was definitely worth it even though i didnt go for a second serving.

Tues and Wed 5-7pm Kids eat free
Kids eat free? Such a good deal!

1kg Challege
- Eat our 1kg steak and accompanying wedges (i remember it was 600g of wedges) and veggies in under 1/2 hour and get your meal half price and a free brag tshirt
my friend who had finished the 1kg steak challenge in Hippocreek numerous times could not do the steak challenge here. It's not about the steak as the reason he could not finish is because of the 600g of wedges!! 5 of us ate his wedges (which means his challenge is forfeited) and we could not even finish it! I really think NO ONE CAN FINISH IT without cheating, if you can finish it, i will give u a present.

I'm sure everyone wants to eat this.
Lump of Rump - $30.95 with additional garlic sauce $2.95

My partner ordered medium and it was almost well done, so it was a bit disappointing and dry for him. However, the salad and yummy chips made up for it.

Neptunes Steak - $30.95

My medium rump steap topped with prawns, avocado and creamy sauce.
I ordered medium too (instead of my usual medium well as i've learnt to accept blood oozing out of my meat) but my steak was cooked just right, tender and juicy.

Great place for hanging out with your friends, or just a romantic dinner! People with kids must remember that kids eat free on tuesday! Please make reservations on weekends as it was full when we went, and had to finish our meal in half an hour.

Rating : 3.75/5
Location: 13 Essex Street, Fremantle WA 6160.
Phone: 94309690

walked around fremantle while complaining about how full we both were from the filling dinner..

fremantle market closes at 8pm on friday so decided to go there for a look

then ... we had our

second dinner - crispy chicken ramen!

that was our first time at this ramen house and we really had to try it because it was the FIRST TIME it was empty although i've been to freo market for 100 times

although we were very full from the steak, we could still share and finish the ramen. the owner there gave us a funny look, as though thinking that it's ridiculous that we are such small eaters, sharing a bowl, hey its our second dinner ok?
it was yummy! see here to read more about the freo market ramen.
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