Sunday, August 23, 2009

Singapore - Black cafe

It was lunch time in Raffles Place. I was tired of queues and crowds at the usual food courts, decided to try something new at a cafe called Black, which was newly opened at Caltex House and had good set lunch menues.

I had the set menu of a bagel + cappuccino (upgraded from the daily special for $1) which cost me $7.90.

The cappuccino was quite weak and too foamy. Only thing nice was the decor on top.

Sat outside so I can people-watch.

My smoked salmon bagel. Toasted lightly on the outside so that the cream cheese and salmon inside won't be warm.

This was not bad! Initially I was disappointed at the thin slice of smoked salmon. But there was enough flavor which wasn't overshadowed by the cream cheese or the bagel.
Rating is: 3.5/5

Overall its a 3/5 cos its ultimately a coffee cafe at heart.
I'm not sure what the exact address is, but it is at caltax house level 1, opposite the Bodyshop.

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