Sunday, September 6, 2009

Perth - Nagoya Japanese Restaurant

Met my lovely ex-colleague for lunch a few days ago. I was feeling a bit dazed after the long walk, and that also explains why my photos appears to have a layer of fog on it, camera was feeling dazed too.

She recommend Nagoya which is a very modern Japanese restaurant targeting the lunch hour crowd in the CBD area.

In Mandarin, that is pronounced as Ming Gu Wu - directly translated to name,ancient,house.

Teriyaki Beef Set - approx $10.50
Comes with 2 large pieces of sushi, fruits,teriyaki beef, salad and rice. Beef was very well marinated with strong teriyaki flavour but it was a bit dry. The sushi was fresh and nice.

Chicken Katsu Set - approx $10.50
This was what my colleague ordered.The interior of the restaurant is simple and modern. It is also very spacious so you you won't have trouble finding a table - save you the trouble of coming up with excuses to tell your boss why you are late. It was crowded with men in suits and females in formal officewear. There are also people who wear jeans and carry ridiculous handbags with a huge siamese cat/pug design in the front like myself. nomnomnom, chatchatchat, time to go back to workworkwork

my lovely lunch companion with the sushi that she did not finish covering her pretty face (consent was given)

Rating 3/5
Good place to go for lunch in the CBD area
Location: 251 Adelaide Terrace, Perth 6000
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  1. I spotted this place on my way in to the city on the bus and popped down there on Tuesday to check it out. You're right that it isn't a problem finding a table and there's plenty of tables outside too which was great to be basking in the warm sun. I went with the chicken karaage bento which was really good. I liked the sushi. Great value too.