Sunday, September 6, 2009

Singapore - Taiwan Xing Wang Cafe

Was at cityhall and looking for somewhere new and interesting to eat instead of the usual fare, so chanced upon the newly opened first Xin Wang Taiwan Restaurant in Singapore, which took over the previous Shokudo Restaurant and decided to give it a try.

The inviting signboard at the entrance of the restaurant.

The place was bright and cosy with nice decor and cute banners plastered on the walls.

The menu where drawings instead of photos of the actual food was shown. Quite an interesting concept though you can't tell how your food will look like other than looking at your neighbour's orders.

This is something like the spicy&sour soup.

My order of honey roasted chicken which came on a plate with a portion of rice and a huge serving of crispy fried chicken and a honey sauce dip. This was about $7.
Sadly, although it looked appetising, looks are deceiving otherwise. The rice was mashy and soft, and the chicken tasted overwhemingly of garlic with a slight plasticky taste to it. Even the honey dip was bland and did not have much flavor. The only thing I probably liked was the crispy texture of the chicken but that did nothing to save the dish.
Overall, it is a nice place to chill and the location is central. However, the food is not able to compete with its fellow neighbours.
The chicken looks really good but I would not recommend this dish because you can get better and cheaper crispy fried chicken rice at the nearby food court. Maybe there are other dishes worth ordering but this is definitely not worth the price nor taste.

Rating: 2.5/5

Location is at CityLink Mall Raffles Link, # B1-23CityLink Mall Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday – 11am to 10pmFriday, Saturday, Eve of PH & PH– 11am to 10.30pmSunday – 11am to 10pm

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