Tuesday, September 8, 2009

MissFattyFoodie - Korean Night


I am always a fan of korean cuisine, i like japanese food too and i cannot figure out which one i prefer as I love them both!
On the day of the most intense soccer match of Man U vs Arsenal, we invited 2 of our high school friends from Korea to come over for a night of games, dinner, drinks and soccer.

The guests brought 3 big packs of sliced pork belly for our korean bbq night! thank you!

I love korean bbq as it is very easy to prepare and it always tastes good. I have held a number of korean bbq dinners over the years and my guests all love it!
we were all starving and too excited, so we just stood around the table and cook, totally oblivious to the chairs beside us.
You dont have to marinate the meat, just put in on the hot grill and eat it with the korean soy paste afterwards (soy paste for meat in the green tub beside the hot plate in the photo above, it is different than the soy paste for soup).

there is pork belly, teriyaki chicken with capsicium, lots of sliced zucchini, carrots, lettuce, mushrooms and onions. very simple and easy! For vegetarians or people who cannot eat pork, you can replace the meat with tofu
Soju - this is the korean alcohol that my friends from korea have been raving about. It's not as strong as what i imagined, one bottle is only 5 standard drinks. The shots taste much better than vodka or tequila! Tastes like sake actually... cant wait for another soju night.. in korea this costs AUD $1 a bottle and they sell it for $10 in perth, but it's still cheaper compared to other alcohol here!
the sound of the fatty piece of meat sizzling was like soothing music, the smell and smoke from the bbq filled the whole house, and the bright colours of the food were just so appetising.
This is the korean way to eat the meat - place the meat on top of a piece of fresh lettuce, topped it off with a layer of korean soy paste (the soy paste works as the sauce since the meat is not marinated, plus they go very well together), place a piece of onion on top with some rice. Wrap it up and put the whole thing in your mouth! YUMMY!
the taste was very well-balanced with a good ratio of veggie and meat.

grilling the pork till its turns slightly brown and crispy
meet the real Soju master!

Drinking Soju, eating and chatting with my friends for the whole night was really fun and I can't wait to organise another bbq again!
Dinner lasted about 4 hours and we drank, talked and laughed so much it took a really long time before we started feeling full. So we just kept eating and eating... What a good way for old schoolmates to get together and have a lovely dinner!
After dinner, we played all sorts of card games before the soccer match begins!

Get a hot plate, call some friends over and have a korean night too!

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