Friday, September 11, 2009

Singapore - Jia Ji Mei Shi 佳记美食 and China La Mian Steamed Buns

One night after work, Missfattyfoodie was craving for cheap good food (easy on the budget) so she headed down to Chinatown Food Centre for some cheecheongfun, yam cake and xiaolongbaos!

It is on the second floor and is huge with many food stalls, it is also well ventilated and clean.
This is the stall! Saw the long queue and decided to wait till it dies off before ordering my favourite dish from the stall.

The cheecheongfun and yam cake is one of the best around town. It is freshly made and the texture is smooth and silky. The sweet black sauce and sesame seeds adds plenty of taste to the steamed rice noodle roll. The yam cake is soft but firm and mixes well with the chee cheong fun and sweet sauce.

Rating: 3.75/5
Located at #02-166, opening hours is 7.30am - 10pm.
To add to a filling dinner, there's a stall selling China La Mian Steamed Buns nearby with one 'long' (mandarin for bamboo steam baskets) of 10 xiaolongbaos going for $5. that's cheap! Missfattyfoodie is a xiaolongbao fan, so one long was ordered and it was then made and steamed on the spot. Waiting time was about 10-15mins.

Missfattyfoodie is usually wary about ordering xiaolongbaos from any random stall because they usually turn out either too dry or with a thick layer of skin that it ends up tasting more like a pao then a xiaolongbao. So it was a pleasant surprise to find that although this stall cannot rival the Crystal Jade xiaolongbaos, it was decent and tasty, with the skin thin enough but doesn't break when it's lifted out of the long. Best of all, it's cheap!

Xiaolongbaos are best eaten with vinegar and the vinegar here was slightly weak though, but the ginger slices was thick and generous. So ask for more vinegar to go with the ten xiaolongbaos.
One long down, one more to go! no problem finishing this up cos it is good!
Rating: 3.5/5
Located at #02-135, 10am to 9pm, closed on Thursdays.
Both stalls are located at Blk 335
Smith Street Chinatown Complex Food Centre

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