Monday, September 21, 2009

Singapore - Din Tai Feng vs Crystal Jade

Missfattyfoodie and friend coincidentally happened to be near cityhall one day and decided to have lunch there. Since Missfattyfoodie is a fan of xiaolongbaos and can never have enough of them, lunch was settled at Din Tai Fung. It opens at 11am and we reached at 10:55am which by then there was already some people waiting and placing orders outside already. Talk about being "kiasu" huh.

Missfattyfoodie is also a creature of habit. Always ordering the same thing if it is deemed nice and tasty. So the dishes previously ordered at Crystal Jade were also tried at Din Tai Fung since both sell almost the same dishes with subtle variations.

Dried Noodle with Sauce - $5.50 It came nicely tossed in sauce and folded in the bowl already. Looks really simple and tasted the same as well. Nothing fancy or outstanding about this.

This is a Din Tai Fung unique dish and one of my favourites - the fried prawn pancake! $8.50 and is well fried with juicy bits of prawns embedded in each slice.

Thinly flatted and sliced and yet you can still see the prawn bits and other ingredients in the layer.

Fried Rice with Prawns and Egg - $10.50. The portion was so small it barely scratched the surface of a guy's stomach.

Big 'Long" of 10 XiaoLongBao - $9.50
I uses to adore Din Tai Fung's xiaolongbaos because they were bite size and it has really tasty soup and meat inside. BUT I think they recently changed the ingredients inside the xiaolongbao and it came out tasting like a mixture of vegetables and some miscellanous stuffing which was entirely unappetising and has really bad texture. So I ate 3 and had enough of it (which was really rare) and let my friend (who eats anything) have the other 7.

Went hunting for some desserts after lunch and settled on the desesrt stall at raffles city's foodcourt. Eating 7 xiaolongbaos proved too much for my friend...
Had the durian ice kachang.

And my favourite! Red ruby! Went back to work full and bloated after that but still quite unsatisfied...

So for dinner, to make up for the unappetising xiaolongbaos, Missfattyfoodie dragged a friend to Crystal Jade La Mian! Piping hot xiaolongbaos served the normal way - soup and meat wrapped in the thin dough skin. I am finally satisfied.

This is how a normal xiaolongbao should look like. Pure meat and soup.

And of course, the other favourite Crystal Jade dish would be the chilli sauce pork dumplings!

Chilli Sauce Pork Dumplings - $3.60

Spring Onion LaMian - similar to the dried lamian with sauce at Din Tai Fung, tasted really good despite looking bland and simple. Another case of looks being deceiving.

My friend had the stewed beef lamian. She loved it, especially having just came back from being overseas for a year.

Crystal Jade doesn't disappoint and both of us were really happy and satisfied with our dinner!

And the winner is.....Crystal Jade La Mian! (for obvious reasons)

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