Saturday, September 19, 2009

East Perth - Mai's Vietnamese Restaurant

I packed a bottle of milkshake and some biscuits into my sad lunch box today. Then I decided to persuade my partner to meet me for lunch during our break. That hardworker is so dedicated to his work he doesnt like to waste too much time on lunch. So this is the first time we are meeting for lunch during work although we have both been working in the city area for about a year. (my lunch box was throw to one side)
Found a free parking spot along the road. When i stepped out of the car, i was greeted by this really gorgeous cherry blossom tree. Luck seems to have taken a turn recently.

Beautiful pink flowers, i was tempted to shake the tree so i can dance under the pink-flower-snow (too happy to leave the office).

We walked under the rain in high spirits and slowly made our way past the pink cherry blossom towards the restaurant. I am a happy happy girl.

This restaurant looks really nice and I've always wanted to go there for lunch.

the skylight makes the whole place looks inviting.

Golden Spring Roll - $5.50

Very ordinary spring rolls which was ordered so i can have something oily and crispy for entree.

Steam Chicken Rice - $8

This plate of steam chicken rice tastes as good as it looks. Very plain, nothing special, and it lacks flavour.

Curry Chicken Vermicelli - $8

There is nothing special about this bowl of noodles as well. The curry flavour was not strong enough and it spoilt the taste of the noodles.

The restaurant looks nice but the food did not taste great. Service was good but I will not go back for lunch again. Even though the food was disappointing, i still enjoyed lunch with my partner!

Overall Rating: 2/5
Location: 71 Bennett St, East Perth

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