Thursday, September 17, 2009

Singapore - Marble Slab

With $60 worth of Marble Slab voucher to spare and the expiry date coming up, it was the place to head for desserts at illuma. Never been there before so I was open to whatever the place offered.

Marble Slab's tagline - The Freshest Ice cream on Earth. I wonder how do they quantify that though.

The sitting arrangement. Very clean and sleek, like an American dessert parlour.

Their variety of ice cream. Each flavor actually has its own individual description under the flavor name.

The menu! Very colorful and reader-friendly.

Being a chocolate lover but not able to decide on the toppings and flavors I want, I settled for the ready mixes available and got the Swiss Cocoa Buttercup, which is Chocolate Swiss Ice cReam with Nestle Crush and Reese's Peanut Butter cups!

The sizes the cups come in. Of course, I settled for big dipper no less. $10.80.

Their entire array of toppings, dips, sauces.

Add another $1+ for a waffle cone/cup, depending on whether it's plain, chocolate coated or chocolate peanut coated.

Busy preparing my icecream and mashing the toppings into the icecream. Needs alot of strength, hence you need red bull!

Ta-daa~ the final product, ie. my dessert is ready for eating. The ice cream is really creamy, smooth and rich. Could have been more generous with the toppings though.

Strawberry cheesecake with whip cream, sans the waffle bowl.

I forgot what this is but it involves caramel, butterscotch in a chocolate peanut coated waffle bowl.

Find happiness within the ice cream cup!
With my mocha, icecream and rasberry milk shake.
Posing with 3/4s of the orders.

See how much was eaten? Missfattyfoodie really loves her desserts.

And the place became from empty when I arrived to becoming packed with people after arriving. Definitely brought the crowd to this place! Just kidding, ice cream is always a crowd pleaser, and a movie had just ended at the cinemas above.

Bought packed yoghurt home too! Partly because the ice cream was good, but also because there was a one for one pint offer for the yoghurt. Not as great as the ice cream though but a value for money offer.

Rating: 3.75/5
Location is at 201 Victoria Street #04-01 Iluma Bugis

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