Monday, October 19, 2009

MissFattyFoodie's Special - Mini Apple Pie Pockets

I was craving for MOS Burger's mini apple pie pockets so I've decided to try making them myself!

These apple pie pockets are so small you can finish them up in 2 bites. It makes eating them easier and i think they make good party food.

Bought a big bag of small apples and I had 4 more left that I did not want to throw away,I know I can't eat anymore apples after eating them everyday for a week.

I used pre-packed shortcrust pastry as i'm lazy and it definitely made it much easier!

After i peel and core the apples, i chopped them up into cubes. Then i coated them with lemon juice so they don't discolour. The lemons were given to me by my lovely colleague who has a lemon tree :)

On a saucepan, melt 3 tablespoons of butter, and evenly spread 3 table spoon of sugar on top. When the sugar is turning brown, throw in the apple and 1 teaspoon (i used 2 ) of cinnamon powder. Let the apple soften and use medium heat so it doesn't burn. After that, just wrap the filling with the premade pastry and I used a fork to make the pattern at the side. I baked it in the over at 160 degree for around 10 minutes.

The apples I used were really small and 4 apples were only enough for 5 apple pie pockets (u can eat these cute pockets up in 2 bites) and 3 mini apple pies. I did not add enough sugar and butter to make the filling "juicier" but I did that on purpose as I need something healthier (better for my winter weight that I've been carrying around), it was still sweet enough.

These apple pies will turn hard when cooled so I heat them up before serving. I love it when the pastry is warm and soft, yummyyyy


  1. I've only ever been to Mos Burger in Japan. I wasn't aware that it was anywhere else!

  2. hello gunma gal, you can google and see where the othe mos burger outlets ar. I wonder if the mos burger in japan is much better than the others as i want to try the origina one too :)

  3. Haha, your lemon pictures are cute! Hearts and an angry face? :)

  4. hi christine! its not an angry face lol, i just made 4 slits, but when i look again, it does look like an angry face. :)