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Western Australia - Margaret River Food Adventure Part III

Have you read Part I and Part II yet?

 This is a continuation of Day 2. After Margaret Chocolate Factory, Cape Lavender and some sight seeing, we went to the Gold Plate award-winning Leeuwin Estate Winery for lunch. They were also awarded "Best Restaurant Within a Winery".

Leeuwin Estate Winery

Like many places we visited at Margaret River, the scenery and restaurant were really impressive!

The famous restaurant has a large indoor and alfresco area. As the restaurant is on the second storey, diners will feel like that are dining right at the same level of all the tall and giant trees. Even if you sit inside, you can still get to enjoy the scenery through the big glass windows.

The weather was perfect, it was cool but the sun shining on us kept us warm. It was so romantic and enjoyable to dine here, gave us a feeling of dining in a forest. 

We started off with some yummy bread which was warm and moist.

Then we skipped to the mains as we were still full from the chocolate factory and cape lavender.

Fish of the Day - Bass Snapper, braised leeks, beurre noisette, white anchovy, herb salad - Market Price

The person who ordered this dish was very happy with the dish.

This was my order: Split Blue Ridge marron, tarragon, endive - $32 for entree

As Marrons are very tasty just by itself, you really dont need too much seasoning on it if not it will cover the natural taste of these yummy things. These were cooked to perfection as the flavours were not too overpowering so the taste of the marrons could stand out. The sour salad at the side complimented the seafood very well and enhanced the marron's taste! It was heavenly!

French fries, smoked paprika aioli - $8

The french fries looked a bit messy as I was busy eating them before realising i have forgotten to take a photo! These were no ordinary fries. They had a 'natural' taste, tasted like real potatoes cut up into fries. It was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I happen to be a fan of fresh soggy (not easy to achieve) fries lol. Everyone said there was something different about the fries and we all agreed that it was REALLY good. The smoked paprika aioli was tasty and went very well with the fries.

T Bone, smoked tomato, olives, Jerusalem artichoke, Ortiz anchovy butter - $55

This was so delicious, it was the winner of the day. The person who ordered this gave it full marks (even i agreed on this). The meat was so tender and soft. It was flavoursome and cooked just right. I have never tasted such tender steak before, i think Leeuwin Estate is really good with their steak so i would recommend that you order their steak if you ever visit this restaurant.

Rangers Valley Black Angus 300 day grain fed scotch fillet, gruyere croquettes, brussels sprouts leaves - $43

The person who ordered this sat really far away from me, so I didn't get to try the steak. He gave the steak full marks and said it was so delicious.

The food was impeccable. The service was so good (unlike Flutes Restaurant), the good-looking waitress/waiter made us feel so welcomed. They came over to our table a couple of times just to make sure we were alright, and they even offered to take photos of us twice! I was so impressed by the service and that was a major factor! The food was not only fantastic (definitely best restaurant that I've ever been to and best restaurant throughout our whole journey), you also get to enjoy the amazing food in the middle of the greenery. There is nothing more I could ask for. If I ever have a wedding, this place would be it! ( i am never going to get married, just stating what im thinking)

I want to go back to Margaret River just so I can dine here again!
**Visitors to Margaret River SHOULD VISIT Leeuwin Estate Winery and dine in the alfresco area if the weather is good.  They also have very famous, award-winning wines that you can taste in their cellar door.
Visit their website for more information:

Overall Rating: 5 /5 (why not full marks?)
Location: Stevens Rd

Margaret River, 6285
Western Australia
Ph: 9759 0000 , please reserve a table before you go as they fill up very fast and they are one of the most popular restaurants in Margaret River.

After lunch we went to more attractions (there were endless activities!) We went to Vasse Felix which was a beautiful winery to try some wine (they have a nice restaurant too).

I bought the dessert wine and white wine that the friendly lady below poured for me to try. :) We LOVED the dessert wine as we finished it up that night! (more on that later) Their cellar door was big and it was crowded which liven up the atmosphere.

Our next stop was Olio Bello which specialises in Olive Oil and products.

We could sample their wide variety of olive oil by dipping the small bread pieces. In Margaret River you could sample most of their stuff for free! I always felt that i needed to buy something from them since I ate their free samples. LOL Bought bread, Chilli and garlic olive oil and some Dukkah (a very fragrant herbs mix where you dip your bread in).

Creative labels for their toilet.

The Margaret River Food Adventure is ending. Stay tuned for Part IV (last post!) where i will write about our dinner.
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to be continued...

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