Thursday, November 26, 2009

Perth - Convenient Caffeine Fix at Exomod

I was shopping in the city and i needed energy in a cup so i decided to have a quick stop at Exomod Coffee.

I have to admit im a huge coffee junkie/addict. My idea of a perfect day is to have 5 cups of coffee with cakes and after every meal. Obviously I didnt want to have a heart attack soon so I just stick to one 1-2 cups of coffee a day. I look forward to making my cup of coffee during a boring workday and sometimes I will even convince myself if I want coffee before bed, that I will try my best to sleep later. So if i'm out, I will definitely come up with excuses to stop at some cafe eg.
im tired from all the walking, i need to take a seat.
im really thirsty, let's get a drink
i feel so sleepy, i need my coffee now!
i need a place to repack my shopping (yea right)
there's a jacob (the werewolf) lookalike in that cafe let's go! (havent used this one yet)

The cafe was big, new and stylish. I was so surprised as I just wanted takeaway coffee but I decided to have my coffee there instead when I went inside. I could even sit by the huge glass window and do some really interesting people watching.

Their service was fast and efficient. They serve cakes and cafe-food as well. The coffee was really good and cheap, they have a extra large cup which I ordered and it was seriously huge- most australian cafes serve really good coffee anyway! They also have a few jugs of free ice water (with different fruits in it) for the customers. I really liked it!
So if you are in the city and want to find somewhere for a quick caffeine fix, consider going to Exomod!

Location: Perth City

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