Saturday, May 22, 2010

A few things about myself

In the middle of my exam preparation which explains the lack of posts recently, anyway I typed this post up a few weeks ago and thought I might as well put it up!

Thought I will share a few things about myself in relation to food that most people don't know (or don't care) 

  1. I love spicy food, I have to eat with my meals with chilli/pepper etc. Unless the food is really tasty by itself, I have to add chilli to it!
  2. I feel that my tongue stud might have affected my sense of taste slightly. only slightly so no worries. 
  3. I can spend $100 on dinner but I cannot bring myself to spend $100 to see a doctor when I am sick.
  4. Before exams or assignments, I always have to buy Honeysoy chips, extra coffee and timtams as I believe those are my energy food.
  5. I have a serious issue where I CANNOT follow recipe, always altering the quantity and ingredients, I just have a problem with following instructions
  6. (continuation of point 5) Food that I try to cook and didn't turn out as expected will make me very upset, and I have to go out to eat something nice to cheer myself up after that (psychotic?)
  7. Whenever I finish my assignments/exams or something good happens, I HAVE TO go out somewhere for dinner to 'celebrate'. (emotional eater - against Dr Phil's advice)
  8. I buy cook books according to the price/simplicity of ingredients and work involved.
  9. I always sneak a bit of food to my dogs under the table because I cannot stand their puppy eyes, and I know they are manipulating me with those big sparkly eyes. 
  10. I choose coffee over wine ( haha but im a serious coffee addict)
  11. I prefer hot beverages (i will drink warm water even in the sauna)
  12. I like sweet dessert sparkling wine, champagne, light beer but I have yet to acquire a taste for red wine. 
  13. I get drunk easily, resulting in an accumulation of stories about my drunk embarrassing moments

That's all I could think off! Back to ilecturing all weekend. Have a good weekend everyone!

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