Monday, August 23, 2010

Perth - Fremantle Organic Donuts

Finally got to try the Fremantle Organic Donuts as my 'touristy cousin' bought one. I did not try one previously as it is organic, and to me healthy food = not as tasty

OMG but i cannot get enough of these warm big fluffy sugary donuts!!!!!
The dough is made to perfection, it is very fluffy yet firm - get what i mean?
Very delicious, must try it yourself! We had to go back to fremantle 3 weeks in a row just to get this donut as my cousin will be returning home, and will not be in perth anymore. That is how much we liked it. Not as sweet as Krispy Kreme and being organic and stuff, makes you feel better about yourself after you eat it. hahaha
I only tried the traditional one, as i am on a diet so less calories for me!
sooo good and fresh, yums!

Location: Fremantle Market
Rating: 4.5/5

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