Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bali - Ku De Ta

sorry for the lack of post lately as i was going through a very very stressful period with job applications/interviews and organising my next holiday!
im still waiting for the outcome but i've received some good news already :)

im so glad i dont need to study now, but i love to learn, but i hate to study in a 'school' setting. 
anyway, right now i've started to focus on cooking healthy food, good fresh ingredients, more organic meat/products and will focus more on blogging!

for people who want to save $$, please download some finance/budget planning apps on your iphone or ipad. i downloaded iexpense on my ipad and we saved so much this month! but that means i have to cut down on dining out as i was shocked how much i spent on dining out! so from now on there will be more home-made recipe posts on this website, healthier and saves me so much money just by cooking at home more. 

this is one of the 10000 backdated posts that i have in the 'drafts' category. 

Ku De Ta is one of the most famous bar/restaurant in Bali for tourists.
The design of the restaurant was really modern, full of beautiful people. I miss Bali so much, everyone there was so cheerful and relaxed because they are on a holiday, and my trip was really fantastic with so much good food and gorgeous restaurants

The restaurant and bar is situated right beside the beach, and the waves crashing at the background set the relaxed ambience of the restaurant.

very classy beach restaurant and truly one of the highlights during my bali trip

they served us complimentary bread with olive oil dip for starter. the bread was warm and soft

drinks were great as well

the food was seriously good, this steak taste much better than it looks, i dunno why the photo turned out quite bad, lol. the steak was grilled to perfection and tender inside

my AMAZING SEAFOOD grill, fresh, well seasoned seafood with lots of dipping sauces, delish!

the dj right in the middle of the alfresco area

lots of daybeds for people to sip their cocktails and chill out. these day beds were always occupied day and night, didn't get to lie in one

the food was very reasonably priced, i think my seafood platter was around aud$60 which is really good value! Expect your mains to be around aud$30-$60

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