Sunday, August 16, 2009

Singapore Food - Bishan St 22 Kway Chap

My absolute favourite kway chap stall. anyone who knows me will know that i'm quite fussy when it comes to food so if i like something, i really do!

Kuay chap is a Teochew dish of flat with broad flat rice sheets in a soup made with dark soy sauce, served with pig skin and innards, braised duck meat, beancurd, preserved salted vegetables, and braised hard-boiled eggs.

This stall at Bishan St 22 is tucked away in a kopitiam diagonally opposite the Salvation Army at Blk 284, and caters strictly to the late diners or supper seekers, starting business only from 8:30pm, ending only at 4am. So late night clubbers, people on night shift, those prawning at the bishan pond nearby etc can make their way here for some yummy late night food!

This is the stall with the owner and his two helpers. Very inconspicuous looking indeed.

The order of tau pok, toufu, large intestines and egg. the sauce is not too salty, and it gives the condiments a tasty flavor. This, together with 4 bowls of kway chap, cost only $6.80. Pretty cheap huh.

time to dig in!

The bowl of kway chap makes a tantalizing, delightful meal on its own. The kueh is nicely cooked to a smooth and silky texture and the soup is light and tasty, garnished with spring onions.

A spoonful of goodness. Can you believe one bowl of kway chap costs only 40cents? Neither can I.

Here's an upclose of the side dishes.

The toufu is cooked with the right softness, the tau pok is spongey and soft, the eggs firm with nice coloring. my favourite side dish of all! the large intestines! This is not an easy to cook dish, because sometimes its overcooked and gets too tough and chewy, or it is not clean well, and there's a weird smell/taste to it. This stall cooks it perfectly, where its springy, smooth and succulant!

But of course, if u're not up for trying this unique dish cos u feel squeamish about eating it, you can always order a dish of salted vegetables or braised duck meat instead!

Despite the late timing, there were many tables around us eating from the stall, ordering a variety of dishes and even more than 1 bowl of kway chap.

going, going...gone.
the kopitiam environment. pick a table under the fan so that you won't be sweating buckets into your bowl of kway chap.

Rating: 4.25/5
Location is at Bishan St 22, around Blk 284. Kopitiam

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