Saturday, October 17, 2015

CHIMEK - Fremantle Market

Fremantle markets have definitely revamped itself, the shops keep getting more interesting and you can find some very good food stalls there too! Some of my favourites include the honey cake and CHIMEK's famous black burger.
A typical feast will include the burger, korean gochujang chicken wings and turkish gozleme. Remember to put on the disposable gloves provided so you don't dirty your fingers! Kinda looks stupid but its actually a very clever idea.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Herman the German Friendship Cake

I am a recipient of herman the german friendship cake! I have been busy tendig to this bubbling thing everyday. It is a sourdough base recipe that goes on and on, and can be passed down to friends and family. My lovely colleague gave me the instructions for the cake and I just have to dutifully follow them, stir, add stuff occasionally and ensure it is alive and bubbling. It also makes the house smell like a bakery!

Today it's time to bake it :) i am going to miss him...

I am not a fan of dense fruit cake with raisin in it so I replaced the raisins, cinnamon and apples with banana and choc chip instead (should have added nuts too!). The result......

Is a light and fluffy cake! So fun and hopefully i will receive a batch of the batter again soon! Ive divided mine into four portions and gave them away, it's a cake that never stops giving. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Best laksa and chicken rice in Perth

If you are after the best laksa and authentic chicken rice in Perth, Tak Chee is your answer! I am not even going to be eating these when I go back to Singapore this weekend because I've found really good ones here! 

Usually we will go for the fried chicken (which is actually the roast chicken) but they were sold out so we ordered the panfried garlic chicken rice. It was just as delicious! 

Tak Chee House
182 William St Northbridge, WA

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Low carb brekkie

I've always known that excessive carbs is bad but it's finally sunk in when my colleague told me she lost twenty kgs last year and cutting out carbs was one of the main reason!

Heeding her advice, i ditched my usual two pieces of toast and replaced them with protein rich food. Bacon and eggs... Cant go wrong!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Whisk Cremery - Subiaco

Whisk Cremery
151 Rokeby Road, Subiaco

If you want a hip place which served good icecream and coffee then whisk cremery in subiaco is the right place to go! The term 'perth prices' doesnt exist here which is another plus point for me.

The thai ice-cream and mango sorbet were bursting with flavour, such a good place to visit for a coffee and dessert

This freak concoction is called the caramel sandwich, it is a health freak's nightmare! But it was AMAZING! This sandwich consists of burnt vanilla ice-cream (delicious), topped with cream and drizzled with salted caramel sauce. As if this is not heavy enough, the sandwich is made out of a cronut. This is heaven (not heart attack cos you choose what you want to believe) on a plate 

Picnic at Mundaring Weir

Hello to anybody who is still reading or just stumbled across this blog! This is my first post after three years. I've neglected this blog as it has been such a busy 3 years for me. Yesterday, we purchased a macbook pro (how sexy is it?!) and my blog showed up as one of the favourite link, looking at it make me want to blog again!

Anyway, enough talking let's go straight to the food!

It was such a beautiful long weekend despite the smoke from the prescribed burn last night, so glad it cleared today. It has become a sort of tradition to picnic at various 'non-urban spots' with my usual crew on long weekends. This time we chose to go to Mundaring Weir as a friend had good childhood memories there and wanted to relive it. It was only 45 minutes drive from the city. Exploring the wild was always a relaxing experience, I'm sure some won't consider this as the wild but it is the wild to me. My request was - a place where I won't get ticks. None of us had ticks here :)

Stopped by Midland KFC to grab a bucket,  staple to a real picnic. Pretty impressive looking isn't it?

The food.... was so good, I would die for some right now! The glass of sparkling really added some sparks to the picnic...hurhur 

Time to walk off lunch and try not to fall asleep as the weather was perfect for a nap

Our lovely picnic spot, they also have clean bbq pits 

Lovely view of the dam and wildflowers

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend!