Saturday, August 15, 2009

Singapore - Zhenjie Desserts 真姐

everyone loves desserts don't they? Well, there's this dessert gem in the middle of the CBD area which serves a variety of hot and cold desserts at cheap prices! Under the sweltering hot weather, the order of mango sago pomelo, mango with grass jelly, chng tng and yam paste was placed by Missfattyfoodie and her friends.

Look at the number of newspaper clippings and recommendations on the front of the stall! The dessert must be quite 'shiok' if the owners proudly display (brag) about their past reviews right? It is managed by a husband and wife team and service is pretty fast since almost everything is pre-made and ready to be served.

The order, sans the mango grass jelly. The cold desserts tend to have huge lumps of ice. Would have been better if they were crushed. The mango was sweet though and the serving was generous.

And this is the only order of a hot dessert, yam paste dessert with ginko nut and pumpkin paste! The taste was not bad but could do with more flavour.

Rating: 3.25/5

7 Maxwell Road #02-113 Amoy Street Food Centre

10am to 3pm Closed on Sunday

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