Thursday, September 24, 2009

Perth - Michele's Crepe Suzette

There is a small crepe shop that is very famous and is located in Fremantle Market. Although I have lived in Perth for a few years now, this is the first time I have tried it!

The very colourful looking stall is always crowded. It is located just 2 shops away from the ramen store.

I went to Fremantle Market on the weekend and it was packed with people. This is what makes fremantle market so lively and noisy and I love to be caught in the middle of all the action!

I watched in delight as the staff spread the batter in a smooth circular motion, creating a thin and even layered crepe.

Had a hard time choosing my crepe as everything on the menu sounded delicious (this was just the menu for their savoury selection, they also have a lot of sweet varieties)

This is the view from inside the shop which was small and cosy. The decor makes this place very unique and interesting.

Chicken Parrissiene - Chicken with white sauce, cheese and mushroom $10.50
We ordered the Chicken Parrissiene crepe. It was so good we wanted to order another dessert crepe but the queue was too long by then. They have banana, strawberries with nutella crepe which I am going to try next time!

A close up of my savoury crepe. The chicken is very crispy and the sauce and cheese make a very good combination! The crepe is also very soft and thin (but filling), too bad we couldn't wait (the queue was too long) as i wanted to order another one!

Rating 4/5
Highly recommended and it is a good place to recommend people who are visiting perth for the first time!  Try their dessert crepes as they were really popular when I was there. You can also explore fremantle market afterwards and find more things to eat! (like me)

After the crepe we went to get the Potato Tornado again (so good). This time i ordered the chilli flavour and my partner ordered the cheese flavour. Chilli was a disappointment though, and I would recommend cheese or bbq.

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