Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bangkok Stripped! - Part I

Missfattyfoodie headed to Bangkok with two friends for some relaxing, shopping and eating session over the weekend! How to maximise the value of an airticket, especially when it was a last minute booking and the price is quite ridiculous for a Singapore-Bangkok jetstar flight? Book the earliest flight out and end up having less than 3 hours of sleep (in my friend's case. 50min of sleep).

Having been to Bangkok quite a few times, I felt very at home upon boarding the taxi en route to our hotel, Baiyoke Sky Tower Hotel, seeing the familiar landmarks. Unfortunately the Thais probably didn't welcomed me as much as I thought they did because our cab broke down in the middle of the highway for half an hour due to an overheated engine (you could see smoke rising from the front bumper) and we were subjected to points and stares for the whole duration until the Thai AA come along.

Anyway, our hotel was awesome. The tallest tower in Thailand with a fantastic view of the buildings and traffic.

I wonder who did the english signages for them...
Oh yeah, cheap and good thai food can be found just at the food court, in this case, Platinum Shopping Centre's food court on Level 6. Everything is so cheap (by Singapore standards). i got my tomyam seafood + glass noodles at 80 baht ($3.50) and it's way better than thai express's.

yummy. looks at the selection and serving of the food! the fried oyster dish, although it was just oysters and egg (no starch) was really good. I only ate the egg, cos I don't eat oysters, but my friends said that the oysters were really juicy and fresh! The pad thai was nice with the smooth silky flat noodles and peanut sauce.

Moving along, was the desserts! I think it should be a requisite that every meal be followed by desserts. They had a wide spread of freshly made thai desserts, both hot and cold. We ordered a red ruby and a portion of tapioca for sharing. The red rubies there were gigantic! 2.5xs the size of the Singaporean rubies. Plus the tapioca was very tender and chewy, goes really well with the coconut milk.

Food we had during our tea time, shopping break. I had the pork/meat ball noodles soup which only cost 40baht and tasted really good, despite looking like a simple and plain dish.

Dinner time! Thais are famed for their cheap and good seafood. Unfortunately, we had to listen to a smooth english talking taxi driver who brought us to this seafood place, Somboondee Restaurant, which charged us prices even more expensive than Jumbo Seafood Restaurant (famed Singapore seafood restaurant) and it wasn't in a nice restaurant setting and the portions were not big. The only saving grace was probably the food tasted good.  We had barberqued butter squid, chili crab, stir fry mixed vegetables and phad thai. The total came up to about 3,300 baht (about SGD $120). How incredibly ridiculous. There was a caucasian couple who was paying up as we were leaving and we heard them complaining that with the amount that was charged to them, they could have bought a round trip air ticket from Bangkok to Phuket!

Lesson learnt: Do not listen to taxi drivers seafood recommendations, because they will get a commission out of the prices you paid for the overcharged seafood, or settle the price with the restaurant before they kill and cook the seafood for you.

Alright! Bangkok Part II coming up! Stay tune for it!

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