Thursday, October 22, 2009

Missfattyfoodie's Guide to Healthy Living

22nd October 2009
Both MissFattyFoodies were sick and did not have sch/work today. We were on a long-distance phone conversation describing what we were eating to one another (yes we are very loving, puke). Both of us were eating healthy, so why not we share with our readers what we had for lunch?

Singapore's MissFattyFoodie:
Due to the onset of a flu, I decided to cook myself a nice bowl of homecooked soup after seeing the doc's. Actually, I grabbed two bags of chips to wallow in my misery and enjoy my time away from work. But upon seeing the greens in the fruit &veg section, it was healthy living for me.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to cook we go!

I haven't had the time to cook much since work started but this was pretty easy and yummy. Choppetity choppetity chop! Chopped, peeled and washed the veg while boiling the chicken first to get rid of the smell. Then threw everything except the veg into the pot and after awhile, the veg went into the cooker as well. Don't forget the various sauces, spices and sprinkles too!

My soup for lunch! Tasted not bad and it was given a high rating by the rest!
Happy, satisfied and full now! (:
Remember to drink lots of fluids and have your portion of fruits and veg for the day in order to stay healthy!

Perth's MissFattyFoodie:
Following what the really cheerful/but sick Singapore Mff said above:

Hi-ho, Hi-ho! Off to assemble the salad we go!

I made myself a nice big tub of salad made with lettuce, teriyaki chicken, cheese, boiled egg (which made the salad appealing for once), and japanese mayo. Then I made a cup of hot green tea to accompany the salad. It was filling and healthy! I did not use low-fat mayo though cos that will be too healthy.

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