Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Singapore - Indonesian Riverside BBQ

Dinner at night in town is a hassle, having to fight the crowd and decide what/where to eat. Opting for something cheap, good and fast might be difficult. Fortunately, I found something which meets two out of the three criterias - cheap and good, at the Riverside Indonesian BBQ stall at the Plaza Singapura foodcourt. Unfortunately there is more often than not a queue at the stall but most people don't mind waiting for good food!

This place used to be a restaurant along the Clarke Quay riverside, but have since moved to the Plaza Singapura food court, and business have been good ever since, if not better! They have choices of chicken, fish, squid and prawn (which is pertually plastered with the 'sold out' sign over it), and each set is between $4.50 - $5.50 only. Usually I'd add a portion of cabbage for only 80cents to have a well balanced meal.

Had the bestseller - grilled chicken set, and their vegetables have been sold out. I'm not complaining though, and it was a really filling meal. The chicken was barbequed until it was soft and tender, and was covered in sweet black sauce. The rice was mixed with curry gravy and goes well with the chili (must have!) which has bits of onion and ikan bilis in it. The serving of egg was also very generous, as it is one thick slab of omelette. Finishing up the soup was quite a difficult task but I still managed to do so!

After dinner, I came across this entertainment store just beside the foodcourt with a really cute Stitch carrying a smiley faced balloon! What a way to make people smile!

Rating: 4.25/5
Location is at Riverside Indonesian BBQ Stall 10, Kopitiam Food Court Level 6, Plaza Singapura

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