Monday, November 23, 2009

MissFattyFoodie's Poolside Party

This is a short and sweet post to welcome summer!
The weather is getting warmer. Finally, we treated the green pool water so it is blue now. So happy with the clear swimming pool, we invited our friends over for a pool party!

The weather was just perfect to chill outside, soak up a bit of sun while drinking some booze

Shoju Master was pleased with the esky full of different types of alcohol

dogs were not allowed in our dining area as our legs will be scratched off when they beg us for food. the brown one was a bit too fat to go through the gate, at least the white one knows his limits!

had our favourite home-made korean bbq outside which lasted for hours!
I came up with the great idea of using a beach umbrella in replace of our broken outdoor shade :)

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