Saturday, November 14, 2009

Singapore - Xian De Lai Shanghai Cuisine

Walk down Liang Seah Street and you will be spoilt with choices over the many steamboat restaurants located there. Most would probably base their choice of restaurant on the cheapest priced restaurant, however, if price is not a factor, then I would recommend Xian De Lai Shanghai Cuisine for your mala feast.

Firstly, it has two levels of air-conditioned dining area, which is a huge plus factor in the sweltering heat in Singapore. Secondly, the mala soup base here is not as oily as the other soup bases found at the competitors. In fact, there was no layer of oil at all and the soup base was really tasty! Another huge plus factor for healthy living and it is only slightly more expensive than the outdoors mala restaurants at $22 (including gst) per person.

We can choose 2 soup bases and settled on the mala and chicken soup base ie. spicy and non-spicy. They have quite a good selection of dishes here, and it's served ala-carte style. So instead of jostling with the crowd for tongs and plates to pick up your food, you tick the items you want off a menu sheet and the staff will return with your selection!

Also, there's a bowl of dessert served, and although there is only one type, white fungus with dates, the quality was good!

The pot, chock full with ingredients. The foodtrays, heavily ladened with various items, never seemed to stop coming! It was a filling and satisfying meal, and best of all, we didn't drip a single drop of sweat!

Rating: 4/5
Location is at 18 Liang Seah Street, Daily: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 4.30pm - 3am
Tel: 6336 7505

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