Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mini photo update

Since I'm back for the weekend,though I might do a short photo post here since China bans blogspot and facebook.

This is Xidan area, where the locals go mainly to shop and where you can really stretch your dollar. They have the longest escalator in Asia as well! 6 storeys high.

We had a team dinner at Golden Jaguar, near Wang Fu Jing, which has this really huge buffet spread and all sorts of different food!

So after dinner, since some of us lived nearby, we decided to take a leisurely walk home in the cold.

I really like the set lunches here, gino's cafe. Very value for money and the food tastes pretty good!

The snacks here are pretty yummy too! They have flavors which can't be found in Singapore. But the fastfood here isn't good. Mac's and KFC in Singapore tastes way better. Probably cos the fastfood in Beijing isn't as spicy and they don't have chili, plus it tastes surprisingly bland.

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