Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Singapore - Haato Icecream

Since Ridgewood Close is where a friend stays, after a game of tennis and some leisure swimming, we decided to head over to Haato for some delicious homemade icecream, which is located just above the swimming pool.

Nice view, choice of indoor seats (some couches) or outdoor for fresh air and a view of the pool. The menu offers a wide choice of food, ranging from Japanese to Western. Prices are inexpensive too!

The range of ice cream with a choice of cup or cone. They change/introduce new flavors regularly and the best bit is you can sample as many flavors as you want before deciding on which flavor(s) you want.

Our choice of flavors for the day. I chose durian (which packs a strong creamy durian flavor. thumbs up for it) and chocolate banana (also delish). Food-wise, we had a small plate of fries for $3, which was quite overpriced. I'd recommend trying the haato wings because they are crispy, juicy and tasty. The food is not bad either and mostly affordable. Definitely worth returning for more!

Rating: 4.5/5
Location is at 5 Ridgewood Close Unit G1 Tel: 6464 9607. Opening hours: 11am-10pm daily

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