Sunday, March 7, 2010

Perth - Nenem's at Harbourtown

I was at Harbourtown for friday late night shopping but I was a bit hungry. Harbourtown has quite a few stores selling food but this is one of my favourites. Without hesitation, I headed straight to Nenem's for their yummy turkish gozleme.

This is a small casual store catered to shoppers who need a quick bite. Their prices are very reasonable and the food is mouthwatering.

Chicken Gozleme - with Spinach, cheese, chicken and onions. $8.50
The portion is really generous and I had to share this with my partner. They made their own gozleme from scratch and you can see the chef kneading the dough at their open-concept kitchen. The pastry is really thin but very crispy. They only make the gozleme when you order it so you are guaranteed to have a piping hot fresh one each time you order! The filling was delicious with a well balanced flavour from the chicken and spinach. Every bite was heavenly, so be sure to grab a bite here when you are shopping in Harbourtown!

Rating: 4.5/5
Location: Harbourtown
840 Wellington St, West Perth
Harbourtown's Website:

written by mff perth

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