Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bali - Breeze at Samaya

There are just too many nice and famous restaurants to choose from in Bali. After doing a lot of research on where to eat, we decided to go to Breeze at Samaya which is one of the top Bali most recommended restaurants.

This restaurant is famed for its alfresco beachfront dining with full view of the famous Bali sunset. 

When i arrived, i was blown away by the beachside setting of the restaurant. It was a very big restaurant with lots of tables set up right beside the beach, a big outdoor lounge area for people who just want to have drinks. There was also an air-conditioned indoor dining area which has a big bar in the middle of it. Overcommercialised, over the top, fancy, touristy beach restaurants are what Bali is famous for!!! 

We went a bit earlier so we could enjoy the sunset (pls dont miss the sunset if not you will miss the whole point of coming here) You can see the guard patrolling the premise, most established restaurants have very tight security 

This was the actual view i saw while i was sipping on my cocktail and eating my appetiser, with no second thoughts about how hard i have to save my student/receptionist money to get here. lol

The sun went down pretty quickly. It became really cooling when the sun went down, and the seabreeze was just amazing. It was CRAZY romantic and its impossible not to love the person next to you. (if you are interested in someone, bring them here trust me, even archenemies will turn into lovers.)

i am going to emphasize this again, this was s.o. r.o.m.a.n.t.i.c.

This was our appetiser on the house. Just part of their great service.

Appetiser no.2 on the house, breadrolls and crackers with dips.

I don't remember the fancy names of the dishes that we ordered so pls dont mind my short description of the food. 

Tuna salad

Lobster + seafood
we didn't order alot as we just ate one hour ago! we came here mainly for the view and just to check out how nice the restaurant is. Hence, my review of the food is only limited to the few dishes we ordered. 

The lobster was really fresh and the simple ingredients in the dish brings out the natural flavour of the seafood. I found my tuna salad so-so only but I may just be too full to appreciate the food. I also found the foam on top of the dish a bit intriguing, what is that? No doubt they use fresh ingredients, and they have an extensive menu (their grilled seafood platter sounds so good, will try that next time).  I do feel that the food did not match up to the exterior of the restaurant but it was just such a lovely lovely lovely place to dine at.
I have not dined like this before, with candlelight, gorgeous full view of the sunset,  gentle seabreeze.... it was a truly amazing experience.

Had one quick caffeine fix before we hit the shopping area of Seminyak!

Rating: 4.5/5

This is the place you want to go to fall in love with your partner/friends/family/bali. Awesome view and service with dishes prepared with fresh ingredients. It is well-priced for a restaurant of such high standards and it is not everyday you come across a restaurant like this! Well worth a visit especially during sunset just to immerse yourself in the ambience. Remember to make reservations beforehand as this restaurant is very popular in Bali and is often fully booked during dinner time.


  1. So fancy and pretty.. I like! Maybe go at the end of the year ;)

  2. whoa..the honeymoon package is damn ex lor. you are so decadent!! haha. i'm tempted by the weekend package.

  3. hey we didnt pay the online rate, we paid like a fraction of that, so the whole package was around aud$500 3 days 2 nights, includes breakfast, 2x 2hour spa, candlelight dinner, transport to and fro airport. not that ex la! mark's sis booked for us through a wedding planner. hahaha if you book through agent it will be much cheaper, plus indos get domestic rate. let me know if you are going i give you the details. we may be going next year march, lets go!

  4. Bali is the best place to have your vacation and bonding with your friends and relatives especially if you visit the place and feel the bali accommodation there.

  5. nice place,n pice post^^
    overall how much u spend there for a dinner?

  6. hi thanks for the comment, i dont remember the exact price but it was very affordable for a setting like this, probably around $30 -50 each including drinks.