Saturday, April 17, 2010

Perth - Sandrino Cafe and Pizzeria

I have a new favourite restaurant, it is Sandrino which is located in Fremantle.
I came across this restaurant about a year ago when the other italian restaurant i frequent was full. From then on, i dont go back to 'that italian' restaurant anymore and i will go here if i want good pasta, pizza or mediterranean food!

This is a good place for lunch too and it gets really crowded, so make a reservation in advance or go on weekdays if you can. 
The interior of the restaurant is very spacious yet cosy. There are 2 large wood-fired ovens and an open-kitchen concept where you can see all the magic happening

I could afford one day off work, and brought a friend to this restaurant, telling her all about the 'must try' beef burger which is only available for lunch. The restaurant was quiet as they just opened, and this was very different from the long queues you will see for dinner or weekends.
When we read the menu, i realised they no longer sell the beef burger! I think they might be back on the menu now since it is so popular, but i am not sure, if you do go there for lunch, you have to order that. So although i was a bit disappointed, i went on to order my second favourite dish:

Calamari - dusted with sweet paprika, lightly fried, served with a garden salad and lemon aioli $20
this is my second favourite dish. The serving is very huge although you can't tell from the picture. The flavoursome calamari (seasoned just right) and lightly fried is served on a bed of mixed salad. The combination of the calamari and the salad is divine!

Steak Bianca - grilled steak, garlic, fried onion, mix lettuce and aoili $16 (lunch only)
As the beef burger is not available, my friend ordered this instead. The steak and lettuce were very fresh and I have no doubt that they use the freshest/best ingredients as this is be reflected in their dishes. The chips were roughly cut and crispy. What a nice lunch we had!

I went back again for lunch on a Saturday and the restaurant was full with a queue outside.

Pizza - Fish, Prawns, calamari, chilli mussels and virgin olive oil $20
Their pizza was delightful (as with all of their food). Their homemade woodfired pizza base was light and fluffy. One of their main specialty is bianca bread so be sure to try that next time! 

Crab Linguini - Shark Bay crab meat with scallops, tossed with tomato, garlic, basil and olive oil $27

This was just AWESOME. There was generous serving of the crab meat and scallops. The seafood went very well with the slightly tangy and refreshing olive oil, basic, tomato and garlic sauce. It's simple yet the flavour explodes in your mouth! This was their special of the day so I am not sure if they will have it next time. 

One of the best restaurant which serves good burgers, pasta, pizza and salads. Highly recommended. Remember to make reservations on weekends! I also have to add that the service is good and fast, and staff are very friendly even though they are really busy.

Rating: 4.5/5
95 Market Street Fremantle WA 6160
Phone: (08) 9335 4487

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