Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let's eat cake!

It was one of my closest colleague's farewell so it is time to eat cake and cry.
i miss her so much...

Anyway, with the recommendation of people who live near Maylands area, they suggested that we order a cake from Sherbet! My office has ordered a few cakes from this famous bakery before and it has become a tradition to do this for special occasions. Obviously the cakes were really impressive if not we will not become one of their loyal customers

The one we ordered was the Chocolate & Raspberry Cake (gluten free) $55
the ultimate chocolate cake; rich and dense, made with Kennedy & Wilson 70% cocoa content, dark chocolate, whole raspberries and drizzled with chocolate ganache - decorated with baby rose petals
The cake looks so beautiful! It was simple, yet so elegant, and of course it was such a lovely/feminine cake.

It was very moist, rich chocolate taste that was balanced out with the sharp tangy taste of the raspberries. The chocolate ganache was delicious too as it was not too sweet. Some did try to eat the rose petals but, i guess they were for decorating purposes and tasteless (but so fragrant!), don't have to eat it unless you like to eat flowers.

When i first heard that we were ordering a gluten-free cake, i was like "why gluten free man...just get a normal unhealthy cake!", then they wanted to order a fat-free I always have doubts when i have to order the healthier option (yes it is better for you but what about taste wise?)
However, i was really blown away with this Gluten-free cake! It was delicious, and if you didn't tell me it was gluten-free, i would have thought it is just some moist chocolate cake! Healthier option without compromising the taste, Sherbet is truly the expert in cake making.

Ordered the cake through the phone, very friendly and patient staff who even described the cake to me. We were also about to pay by credit card through the phone. :)
I've heard a lot of good things about the cafe too, I will make a trip down one day to their cafe for coffee and cakes one day.

Rating: 4/5

Location, opening hours and more information: click here

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  1. I'm a HUGE fan of Sherbet!
    I've been going there since they first opened (Maylands local).

    The coconut layer cake is a MUST try!
    It's sensational!!

  2. Trust me - gluten free does not mean healthier, unless you are a celiac!

    I am heading to Sherbet this Sunday, can't wait :)