Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hush Espresso

I wanted a quiet relaxing Sunday afternoon so I decided to check out Hush Espresso. This was my first time there and I've always walked past it but never went in as i felt this place looked a bit 'too cool' 
 with its very contemporary and modern design. Behind that modern exterior (unlike the cosy cafes in freo) this place is really very HUSH! Very quiet and peaceful place, i totally fell in love with this cafe 

Looked into our combined wallets and realised we only had $4 in cash. Cant be bothered to ask if eftpos was available, maybe they do accept, but too l.a.z.y. (i hate it when places dont accept eftpos!) so we just ordered one cup of latte. my partner doesnt drink coffee anyways, yay for me.
Latte - $3.80

very very nice presentation! heart designed frothing served by the barista. So pretty i didnt want to stir my sugar in and ruined it. 
 Just like the reviews online, the coffee here was indeed good. No bitter aftertaste, they use a synesso machine, perfect combination of coffee and milk without comprising on the aroma/taste of the coffee. 

I think this is a great place for a caffeine fix and to hang out with friends and family. It is spacious and is in the heart of fremantle. Hush espresso serves breakfast all day as well. I will return next time for their coffee and breakfast

Location: 32 Market Street, Fremantle

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  1. wow really very hush. no wonder they couldn't have renovations to fix the hole in the wall.

  2. jessyca - yes one of the most 'beautiful' cup of coffee ive seen so far

    yax - very hush about it even the hole in the wall haha when u come i bring u there!