Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bali - La Laciola

my holiday begins in 2 weeks so from today onwards, i will try to finish updating all my travel for 2010 before i start blogging on new trips (went to bali,melb and singapore and i have not even blogged about it, there are still thousands of photos waiting to be edited)

 i did a lot of research before i went on my Bali trip, and i picked the restaurants according to their reviews and popularity. If you need any recommendations, feel free to see the restaurants i went to under the "Bali" tab on the right side of the page or drop me an email/comment. I really enjoyed Bali and i am planning to go back soon, so cheap, quite near, so friendly, so pampered :)

La Laciola 
 situated just beside Ku De ta

Very breezy and airy beachside restaurant...totally loved it!

my friend from seychelles commented that this looks like something from her country. haha
very casual with nice ambience. the service was really good too, everywhere i went in bali had good service, made the trip so enjoyable

tried their calamari - well battered, crispy and fresh


Meringue with fresh mango + sponge cake. This was delightful

can you spot the bird in the restaurant built with natural materials?

view from the restaurant.

I high recommend this restaurant if you are in Bali!


  1. That meringue with the fresh mango looks delightful!

  2. yea the dessert was nice...with such a nice ambience, i wanna go back to bali again!

  3. i hve go before about august with my bf from brisben..good dinner but too expensive!!!
    nd more much worker...huuuh....!!!