Monday, November 8, 2010

Strawberry Picking at Wanneroo

A few weeks ago my colleagues and I decided to go pick some strawberries!
I strongly suggest you call and enquire about the season and make a reservation. The lady actually told us the strawberry field was closed as there were no strawberries left, but after driving for 1 hour to this place, i begged her to let us pick some! and she was kind enough to allow us to do so...

Could still spot some strawberries even though she said the good ones were gone

We went to the strawberry tea room for lunch, there was a huge playground which was perfect for families with kids!

thick and cold strawberry milkshake...yummmy

the waffle did not come with strawberries, these were picked by us!

Strawberry Farm and Strawberry Tea Room
2024 Wanneroo Road
Neerabup WA 6031

Phone (08) 9407 5166
Then we went to Hillarys Boat Harbour for some fish and chips

hillarys was beautiful, havent been there for a long time, and i was surprised at the new restaurants and development of the place. loved it!

The queue at the fish and chips store was insane, but it moved quite quickly. the fish and chips were hot and fresh, perfectly battered. must eat this when u are at hillarys!

Shop 206, 58 Southside Drive Hillarys
tel: (08)9246 1878


  1. oh no!! my frens and I were planning to go there this coming Wednesday! >_<

  2. hi there ,i cant believe this is my first comment as i have been reading your blog since the start whilst i was living in the uk ,being back in perth now i have tried out a few of your blogged resturants etc and eaterys , and i figured now you posted about two places up my end of the world NOR, that i love i would def take the time to say thankyou for an amasing blog, whenevr there is a new post it makes my day.. so thankyou for all your hard work and for shining a little light on the far end of NOR..looking forward to many more updates.. have a great day

  3. aww... thats sad for me.. was planning to go there last 2 weekends, tried to phone them.. but nobody pick up. I guess i huv to go there next year!

  4. dear sarah - thank you very much for your kind words! you are so sweet... have been busy lately so sorry for the lack of posts. welcome back to perth, and let me know if u have any good restaurants to recommend too!

    dear jo serwey - try again! my strawberry patch at home is i think it is still the season? haha i know in summer there is cherry picking but i've never tried that before