Saturday, July 9, 2011

Iku sushi

Was so excited to give this new sushi joint in Perth CBD a try!
There was a special going on where you get 30% discount on everything during certain times, im not sure if this special is over, but i was lucky enough to go there during the right time 

The sushi was pretty good, not bad for the price

nothing fills you up better than deep fried food during the blistering winter cold! we had onion rings, karaage chicken and cheeseburger sushi
so we asked : what is cheeseburger sushi???
it is actually sushi roll that is deep fried with batter. warm and crispy sushi, hmm it was a bit different but its not bad! i actually went back and get it again even though i thought it was really weird the first time i tried it haha

the design is very simple yet modern. with artificial grass, and outdoor furniture in the small restaurant. i loved it! always good to see nice places like that pop up in perth

my friend pointed out the ninja stars on the wall which i didnt even notice

loved dining here. my friend and I ordered 3 dishes with 2 drinks and the bill only came up to $20+
very affordable and the staff service is superb. they are very friendly and makes you feel very welcome

go to their facebook page for more information : here

ps when you order, you will see a tip box, press the button on the box and something really cute will happen!

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