Monday, September 28, 2015

Picnic at Mundaring Weir

Hello to anybody who is still reading or just stumbled across this blog! This is my first post after three years. I've neglected this blog as it has been such a busy 3 years for me. Yesterday, we purchased a macbook pro (how sexy is it?!) and my blog showed up as one of the favourite link, looking at it make me want to blog again!

Anyway, enough talking let's go straight to the food!

It was such a beautiful long weekend despite the smoke from the prescribed burn last night, so glad it cleared today. It has become a sort of tradition to picnic at various 'non-urban spots' with my usual crew on long weekends. This time we chose to go to Mundaring Weir as a friend had good childhood memories there and wanted to relive it. It was only 45 minutes drive from the city. Exploring the wild was always a relaxing experience, I'm sure some won't consider this as the wild but it is the wild to me. My request was - a place where I won't get ticks. None of us had ticks here :)

Stopped by Midland KFC to grab a bucket,  staple to a real picnic. Pretty impressive looking isn't it?

The food.... was so good, I would die for some right now! The glass of sparkling really added some sparks to the picnic...hurhur 

Time to walk off lunch and try not to fall asleep as the weather was perfect for a nap

Our lovely picnic spot, they also have clean bbq pits 

Lovely view of the dam and wildflowers

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend!

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