Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Herman the German Friendship Cake

I am a recipient of herman the german friendship cake! I have been busy tendig to this bubbling thing everyday. It is a sourdough base recipe that goes on and on, and can be passed down to friends and family. My lovely colleague gave me the instructions for the cake and I just have to dutifully follow them, stir, add stuff occasionally and ensure it is alive and bubbling. It also makes the house smell like a bakery!

Today it's time to bake it :) i am going to miss him...

I am not a fan of dense fruit cake with raisin in it so I replaced the raisins, cinnamon and apples with banana and choc chip instead (should have added nuts too!). The result......

Is a light and fluffy cake! So fun and hopefully i will receive a batch of the batter again soon! Ive divided mine into four portions and gave them away, it's a cake that never stops giving.


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