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Perth - Mexican Kitchen

Mexican Kitchen in Fremantle is one of my favourite dining places if I am starving and I need a trusty meal that will last me for hours! It is situated along all the cafes in the main street (South Terrace) of Fremantle. It is very colourful compared to all the other restaurants and cafes so it is hard to miss. I have tried Mexican food before and Mexican Kitchen serves the freshest mexican food in my opinion and it is very authentic. They are also generous with their servings and their prices are very reasonable.

The non-pretentious and casual setting makes the restaurant a very fun place to hang out with your friends/family or a casual dinner with your partner. The restaurant is lit with a lot of neon lights and they have a very colourful bar which make the restaurant very interesting. It is always busy and packed but you won't have to wait long thanks to their highly efficient service.

This restaurant may look small from the outside, but it actually has a second section at the basement. It also offers an alfresco section which is good for people-watching along the busy and beautiful Fremantle street.

They offer all sorts of alcohol from cheap beers to Margaritas (their specialty). I had a glass of their Margarita once and it is not for light drinkers like myself who almost got drunk after a glass (yes i am lousy!!). I strongly recommend the glassbowl Margarita that can be shared between 4 people. It is served in this big fishbowl and lots of people order it.

Their service is prompt and the waitresses there are all very good-looking (and friendly which is a bonus to this fantastic restaurant). Water (FOC) will be served so fast sometimes even before you sit down. The waitresses are all very attentive (100% of the time) and you won't need to fight to get their attention like what I have experienced in some restaurants.

Cocktail of the month - Banana Margarita

The place is full of very unique decorations. Like this mask of I-don't know-who was staring down our table as we eat. Very appealing and appetising!

Decoration no.2 staring at me directly as I savour my main course. Hey mate!

I always order the Burrito De Pollo when I am here as it is cheaper compared to the other food and it is just as yummmmmmmmmy

Burrito De Pollo $19. Shredded Chicken in a soft flour tortilla, filled with cheese, lettuce, onions, mild chilli sauce + sour cream. Served with flavoured rice.

The portion is really big but it is not a problem for Missfattyfoodie. When you cut up the burrito, it is filled with shredded chicken bursting with flavours. Give a treat to your tastebuds by mixing the chicken, flourtortilla, sourcream and rice in one rich authentic mexican bite.
Strips of lettuce is scattered over the burrito so you will feel less guilty eating this carb-loaded dish.

Rating: 4/5

Another all-time favourite of the restaurant is their fajitas. I always see people order this very attractive looking meal but I am too shy to ask the waitress what it is! Then one day my friend was talking about this dish and I realised that is what I have always wanted to try!!

The dish really looks very attractive isn't it? That's why it always caught my attention when I see people eating it.
De Pollo Fajitas $24. Marinated strips of chicken grilled with peppers + spice. with rice.
Pollo again!!!???
Why is the description so short while the dish consists of so many things? Most of the time when I look at the other customers' table, I usually notice that a lot of them (esp. female ones, though not being sexist here) cannot finish this dish. So if you are not a big-eater, I'd suggest that you share this dish with your friend/partner. Even missfattyfoodie who is a very big-eater had to give up her dessert after polishing off this dish entirely.

4 pieces of tortillas are provided. They even have a special cute container just to place their tortillas in, so mexican! As you can see, the serving portions are very generous in this restaurant so please choose your entrees/mains wisely. I recommend that couples should just order one entree and one main to share.

Use one flour tortila and add the chicken+capsicium, lettuce, sour cream, cheese and tomato salsa. Wrap it all up and eat this healthy and very tasty self-made burrito. Having a chance to prepare your own burrito using the prepared ingredients makes dinner really fun!

All cleaned up!
Rating: 3.75/5

As I mentioned above, the servings here are huge so please consider sharing your food or only order one main for yourself if you are really hungry. Their nachos are so huge for an entree I think it can be shared among 6 people, or as a main for 1 - 2 people. They have other great food on their menu as well which I will review the next time.
Their website is

This information is from their website:

tel. 08 9335 1394
OPEN DAILY: from 5:30pmlunch: 12noon friday - sundaygroup bookings welcome for parties of over 8 peoplealfresco dining + downstairs area available
we accept visa, mastercard, amex, diners, bankcard + eftposunfortunately we are unable to accept cheques

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